Monday, March 31, 2014

No Day Is Just Average

And yes, you may think it is easy for me to say that with today being my birthday, but hear me out. With it being my birthday, it has gotten me to thinking about how I view each day. Each day is a day that the Lord has made; he woke me up this morning and has chosen to let me enjoy all the blessings He's given me for another day, because He is good. Today happens to be the day I was born, and it only comes once a year, so yes, this day is more special to me than most. But every day that we can wake up, be alive and get to enjoy the life God has blessed us with is a great blessing!! Some days, when I don't have anything special or exciting planned, I tend to think of it as a boring or "average" day. But today is not an average or boring day to God; He allowed you to wake up this morning for a distinct purpose: to glorify Him with your life today. No one can promise you another day but today, so that makes today rather important, doesn't it? Live your life to the fullest every day, not just on your birthday or another "special" day. God views every day of your life as significant and important, and so we should strive to view our days the same way He does. Have an amazing and wonderful day!!!

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