Saturday, February 8, 2014

Taking the First Step

The title of my blog, Walking By Faith, holds a special meaning for me personally. In the latter part of the verse that contains my blog title, it says not to "walk by sight", meaning we shouldn't live based on what we see or feel, or what has to do with our physical bodies and habits. But isn't this exactly how we usually live our lives? We wake up every day, go about our daily business, and almost undoubtedly there will come situations throughout our day that we will have to make tough decisions. This is where the verse comes in. Usually when decisions need to be made, I tend to "walk by sight", and make choices based on how I perceive them and how I can get the best possible outcome out of it. God wants me to do the opposite, to "walk by faith"; meaning I may not have all the answers and know how things are going to turn out, but I can still trust Him and know that He is with me and guiding me all throughout my day. God told us to "walk by faith" because it is the only place where we trust Him the most, and trust ourselves the least. My life has been fraught with trusting in myself and making faithless choices, and I've determined to put that way of life behind me, and move ahead into a more faith-filled life!!

Some of you may be wondering why I got rid of my old blog. Well, I felt deep down that I had been using that blog as a way to draw attention to myself and what I was doing in my life. I had selfish motives for posting different things that I did, and I felt bad continuing to do so. So, with that said, I decided to delete it and start a new blog that would be moving in the opposite direction; a more "encouraging others" or "others focused"-type blog to help me change my focus to where it needs to be: off of myself! So this post is a symbol of me taking the first step towards living a more faith-based, selfless life. Thanks for reading, and Lord-willing, I'll be posting more soon! Have a blessed day :D

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